ICPM 5 - Nara, Japan - May 18-23, 2014



It was a great pleasure to welcome all the participants in Orléans to this 4th International Conference on Plasma Medicine. The conference was successful especially because many people from different scientific fields came and share their knowledge.

Thank you all for coming !



Bienvenue à ICPM4

It is a great pleasure to invite you to take part in the 4th International Conference on Plasma Medicine which is to be held in Orléans, France, from June 17 to June 21, 2012.
ICPM4 is an International Society for Plasma Medicine event.

Plasma Medicine is a rapidly growing field that poses many technological challenges and brings to the forefront many fundamental questions regarding the mechanisms of interaction between living organisms and plasma.
The aim of this conference is to create a forum that brings together professionals from the fields of plasma, medicine, biology and biochemistry in order to develop a common language, to better define key challenges and open questions and to move toward  effective solutions.



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Conference Photos
The photos can be seen:
For Sunday: here
For Monday: here
For Tuesday: here
For Wednesday: here
For Thursday: here

Book of Abstracts
The interactive book of abstracts is here

Poster List now available
The poster sessions can be consulted here

Abstracts now available
Visit the Abstracts menu to consult all the accepted abstracts.

Poster Informations
Size of the panel is 1.25 m x 1.25 m.
It allows either portrait or landscape type posters in A0 format.

PROGRAM and Maps
ICPM4 program with useful Maps for the conference is available here.

Registration is now open.
Please follow instructions here.

Abstract submission is now closed
New submissions will not be accepted.
Invited or solicited speakers can still submit their abstract here.

Dates Importantes

- Seconde annonce
20 décembre 2011

- Appel à contribution
20 décembre 2011

- Date limite de réception des résumés
29 février 2012

- Acceptation des résumés
3 avril 2012

- Date limite d'inscription (tarif normal)
22 avril 2012

- Conférence
17-21 juin 2012
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